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Emergency Response Procedures


Emergencies are unexpected, unpredictable, and take many forms. No one can be fully prepared for everything that may happen, but some simple measures are helpful in any emergency.

Think of everyone's safety first.

Use common sense and training.

Act quickly and calmly.

Be factual and unemotional with students and the community.

For more major kinds of emergencies, some preparations can be made. Knowing who to call can save time, property and lives. This information is intended as a practical outline of what to do in a variety of emergencies. The San Jacinto College Safety and College Police Departments take an active role in being prepared. They can provide further information on emergency and crisis prevention, management and resolution.

Read all the information listed below.

Develop departmental plans and train staff.

Rehearse emergency procedures and know your escape routes.

Know your surroundings and report suspicious activity.

Always practice prevention.

In all Emergencies
Follow the Police Officer's Instructions!

Emergency Numbers

On-Campus Emergencies
Office phones, emergency phones and pay phones

College Police - Non Emergency Number

College Emergency Information Line
Recorded information providing current open or closed status of campuses.

College Safety Office

Local industries record current information regarding an industrial incident that may have occurred

Safety Website

Alert Me

Providing a safe and secure environment for our students, faculty, and staff is a top priority at San Jacinto College. In the event of a College or Campus emergency, SJC AlertMe will be activated, and will contact members of the College community through email, voice, and text messages. San Jacinto College employees and students are automatically opted-in to the emergency alert system with their email as the primary communication source.. However, the College may also send voice and / or text messages. If you want to receive voice and text messages, you MUST provide your current telephone contact information in SJC AlertMe. Visit to create an account, log in, and add your telephone contact information.