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Chemical Emergencies

Chemical Emergencies


  • Vacate affected area at once, closing all doors to prevent further contamination of other areas until the spill is contained.  (Do not lock all doors)
  • Based upon the hazard, attempt clean-up if trained and if appropriate personal protective equipment is readily available.  If unable to clean up properly and an emergency does not exist, contact the Safety Director immediately for assistance.
  • Do not wash chemical down interior or exterior drains.
  • Complete and submit a Safety/Incident Report.
  • If an emergency does exist, evacuate the area if outside or activate the manual pull station building alarm system to evacuate the building.  IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY COLLEGE POLICE EMERGENCY #5555, who will contact College Safety Director.
  • When reporting, be specific about the nature of the involved material and exact location.  The College Police will ensure the necessary specialized authorities and medical personnel are contacted.
  • Follow Evacuation Procedures.
  • Anyone who may be contaminated by the spill is to remain in the vicinity of the spill and avoid contact with others as much as possible.  Appropriate first aid and clean-up by specialized authorities should be started at once.  Contaminated clothing should be removed and bagged as quickly as possible.
  • Ensure Material Safety Data Sheets are maintained on site at all times.  At the time of a chemical emergency, the MSDS must be made available to the emergency personnel at the time of the incident.


  • In the event of an accidental industrial release of toxic chemicals or other emergencies where the air quality threatens a campus, the local Office of Emergency Management will declare a Shelter-in-Place action.
  • Campus community will be informed of the incident by an SJC Alert Me notification and their Building Marshal.  Shelter-in-Place Procedures should be followed if advised.