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Maintenance Issues

Maintenance Issues

Gas Leak

If a gas odor is suspected either inside or outside of a building:

  • Immediately notify College Police Emergency #5555 and the Building Marshal.
  • College Police will respond to the scene and notify Physical Plant for immediate inspection.

If a gas leak is detected:

  • Follow Evacuation Procedures or isolate area if outside of a building.
  • Prevent sources of ignition (cigarettes, electrical equipment, etc.)
  • Natural gas leaks, with an odor in the building, may occur and may bring danger of explosion.
  • Natural gas rises and will often be outside because most gas lines are outside of a building.
  • Natural gas is mixed with Tertiary Butyl Mercaptan to give it odor.  The gas causing the odor is heavier than air and goes down. The natural gas is lighter than air and rises.

Power Failure

Total or Partial Power Failure

  • Using the nearest operational phone, notify the Physical Plant at 281-476-1854.  After hours, notify the College Police non-emergency #281-476-1820.
  • If an emergency develops, notify College Police Emergency #5555.
  • Physical Plant personnel will make proper restoration of power by repairing or by notifying appropriate companies for needed service.
  • Electrical panels will be turned off by Physical Plant personnel ONLY.
  • Depending on the situation and the extent of the outage, follow response procedures as directed by college officials.  For example, do not evacuate unless the building fire alarm sounds or you are instructed to do so by a college official.

Electrical Lines Down on Campus

Direct all individuals away from the affected area.

  • Immediately notify College Police Emergency #5555.
  • Physical Plant personnel will be notified to determine ownership of the wire, secure the area, and make repairs or notify appropriate companies for needed services.
  • Never approach or touch fallen electrical lines on campus.