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Leadership Development

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Strong leadership is an integral part of our success as a college. As we are faced with a growing number of challenges within higher education, the demands of leadership are greater than ever before.

We are committed to increasing your leadership capacity and capability in order to meet these future requirements, whether you are new to a leadership role, or you are a more seasoned leader.

Our aim is to support a “one-college” culture of leadership at San Jacinto College where you are continually learning, growing and performing at the highest levels.

In an effort to advance the mission of San Jacinto College, we have a comprehensive, competency-based leadership development program which includes:

  • Opportunities for leaders at every level to grow through various learning platforms
  • Strategies to enhance individual leadership strengths
  • Strategies to identify and manage leadership skills gaps
  • Foundational management processes and procedures
  • Solutions for maximizing leadership and team performance


Contact Us

Rhonda Tompkins, Manager, Leadership Development

281 998-6373


Gabriel Rodriguez, Director, Organizational and Talent Development

281 998-6308


Leadership Development Services

Leadership Development Courses

We offer a number of engaging courses designed to enhance leadership knowledge, skills and abilities. A required, interactive leadership development series is offered twice a year, spanning relevant areas such as:

Leadership Development Module 1: Leadership Foundations 

Leadership Foundations is a one-day required session that sets the stage for leadership at San Jacinto College. You’ll gain insight about our structure, strategy and key initiatives, leadership competencies, your leadership development path, and leadership resources. You’ll learn about HR processes, including performance management. In addition, you’ll interact with a panel of our district operations leaders. 

Leadership Development Module 2: Leading Self

This module is designed to facilitate a leader’s journey to growth and self-discovery. Through a process of assessment, reflection and coaching, participants will develop an understanding of their personal talents and strengths, and how to leverage them effectively to increase engagement and performance. Participants will also learn how to reinforce the core values and behaviors that make them effective at SJC.

Leadership Development Module 3: Leading Others

With a focus on building great teams, this module will help leaders take their team to the next level by driving engagement and setting the tone for achieving greater performance. This two-day module covers the essentials of coaching employees, and provides opportunity for leaders to apply the learning in weekly one-on-one conversations with their direct reports before returning to the classroom to discuss challenges, progress and results.

Leadership Development Module 4: Leading for the Future

This module will help leaders sharpen skills necessary to create a culture of continuous improvement and accountability at SJC. By improving stakeholder communication and focusing on key results, participants will learn how to execute a change plan while effectively managing multiple priorities for SJC. This module is offered as a one-day class combined with 4 hours of self-paced learning.

Additional SJC Leadership Courses

Beyond our leadership development modules, there are other courses provided including Project Management, Process Improvement, Leadership Courage, and more. For more information on upcoming courses, contact Rhonda at

Sessions are held at the District Offices in the Board Room unless otherwise noted. Registration in Cornerstone is required.


Leadership Development Resources


The OTD team is experienced in using a variety of assessments that give individuals and teams insights into their culture, work environment, relationships, communication styles, conflict styles, and thinking preferences. We’ll discuss your needs and objectives and help you pick the right assessment to achieve your goals.


We are available to provide you with in-depth coaching on a variety of leadership issues. These one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to draw out the best in you and to improve performance through clarifying goals and developing a greater sense of self.

Leadership Discussion Groups

Interested in joining your leadership colleagues for a discussion about a topic relevant to your role and the direction of the college? For information on upcoming leadership discussion groups, please contact Rhonda at

Learning On Demand

We use the latest technologies and internet resources to provide a supplemental and comprehensive course catalog for leaders that includes various learning experiences outside of traditional settings. As a leader, you have access to San Jacinto College’s vast library of Skillsoft online resources through this link. If you’d like assistance with this SJC resource, please contact us.

Professional Development Plans

We offer learning and development opportunities to help build your leadership bench strength and increase engagement. Professional development plans are designed to help you identify specific opportunities that are both motivating and encouraging to your individual growth. Would you like more information? Please contact us.

Upward Feedback

San Jacinto College encourages your direct reports to provide feedback to you for your development. Do you need information about how the upward feedback process is used at SJC, or resources about receiving upward feedback? We’d be happy to assist you.

We can also facilitate an interactive session with your team designed to gather feedback about your leadership impact and perceptions about your style. The process is intended to generate self-awareness and improve team relationships. You or your supervisor can request this service.


Contact Us

Rhonda Tompkins, Leadership Development Manager

281 998-6373


Gabriel Rodriguez, Director, Organizational and Talent Development

281 998-6308


The District Tool Kit for Leaders supplements SJConnections and Leadership Development Module 1. It provides new leaders with basic information from District departments. You can find this tool kit in the G: drive > Leadership Development > Leadership Tool Kit 2017. Can't find what you are looking for? Contact Rhonda Tompkins at or 281-998-6373 or the individual departments for more information.

Leadership Tool Kit Links (pdf)