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Art vs. Logo

Several departments and programs of the College request special artwork to use with program materials, T-shirts, or other printed materials. Marketing is always happy to assist with artwork for these programs. However, this artwork should not be used as a logo or in place of the San Jacinto College logo. Examples of artwork include the Distinguished Faculty artwork, Aerospace Academy artwork, AsPIRE Office artwork, QEP, Men of Honor, and more. Please note that even in this artwork, brand standards are used to maintain consistency. Examples of artwork can also include the monument as a graphic element.

Special Logos

Before creating a logo for a special event, organization, or initiative, please contact the marketing office for permission and assistance. As with the College logo, special logos and other graphics should reinforce San Jacinto College’s brand identity and reflect the quality of the institution.

Examples of Special Artwork

The following are examples of special artwork for College events, organizations, and initiatives.

Approved logos

Retired Logos

These are examples of San Jacinto College logos that have been retired. Please refrain from using them on any printed publications or apparel.

If you find any of these logos or any others still in use, please contact the marketing department.