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Digital Literacy

Begin Here with the Foundations


The primary input device to a computer is the keyboard.  Therefore proficiency and accuracy in keyboarding is your first foundational course to all other computer classes.  This course provides an introduction to fundamental keyboarding techniques such as finger position and movement, increasing speed and reducing errors.  Without this course, or a typing speed of at least 20 wpm, you will not be prepared for any other computer class.

$230        CEUs   1.6       HRS: 16

Jan 22 -  Jan 31         8:30 am - 12:30 pm            CRN 70286        North Camus           MW

Feb 3 - Feb 24          8:30 am - 12:30 pm             CRN 70297        Central Campus        Sat

May 7 - May 16         6:00 pm - 10:00 pm            CRN 90316         North Campus         MW

May 8 - May 17         8:30 am - 12:30 pm            CRN 90322         South Campus         TTh


DIGITAL LITERACY IC3  (Limited number of scholorships available)

Note: Textbook required  Flash Drive recommended

Learn to use a computer in a business environment. Begin with the keyboard; learning typing skills. Then get an introduction to the computer hardware. Learn how to use Windows operating system. Gain a basic understanding of the most popular business applications - MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint. Additionally, learn to use the internet and email. All of these skills prepare you to take the optional IC3 certification exam.

$1,230       CEUs 9.6          HRS: 96

Feb 19 - Apr 13      8:30 am- 02:00 pm        CRN  70578   Central Campus     MWF

Mar 20 - May 10     6:00 pm - 10:00 pm       CRN 90417    South Campus       TWTh



Note: Textbook required  Flash Drive recommended

This inviting introductory computer literacy course covers computer concepts in a highly visual way. Understand the key principles you need to know about hardware, operating systems, productivity software, networks, and the Internet.  Information is geared toward the end-user, focusing on partial certification level knowledge required for every worker in today's wired world and for passing one of the three IC3 certification exams.

         CEUs 1.6         HRS: 16

Not Scheduled at this time



Note: Textbook required  Flash Drive recommended

Open the Window on computer opportunities. Learn to create strong passwords, work with windows and get help online.  You will learn to work with the built-in windows programs like WordPad and Paint.  You will explore Windows Media to watch live or recorded TV or Netflix movies, play videos, listen to music and radio using an FM tuner or the internet, play and burn CDs and DVDs, and play games.  After the fun stuff, then you will learn to manage your files and folders and customize your windows settings.  You will then move to the most important topic - securing your computer and your internet identity.  Lastly you will learn to compose, send, retrieve, read and respond to email.

          CEUs   1.6  HRS: 16

Not Scheduled at this time