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Log on to Exchange 2007

If you have been migrated to Office 365, please use this link to access your email via the web:

Log on to Office 365 for employee email


Log on to Office 365 for Students

Office 365 FAQs

Instructions for Students using Office 365 Student Email Service:

All San Jacinto College students have access to email service provided by the College. An email address will automatically be generated for you once you have registered and paid for a class at the College. The email service provides 50 GB of storage, access from portable devices, and built-in anti-spam message filtering.

All email addresses will use the format:
Last Name.First Initial Last Six G# @

  • Last name
  • .(period)
  • First initial
  • Last six numbers of your College issued G# number


Using Office 365:

The Username for your Office 365 email account is LastName.First Initial Last Six G#

Want to set your Office 365 password to match your SOS password? Once you’ve set up your Office 365 account, simply log into Password Self-Service at and change your current SOS password to sync both!

The initial password is your birthday in MMDDYYYY format.
Example: June 15, 1988 would be 06151988

Please Note: If your date of birth does not work, please try your SOS password instead.

  • Students experiencing any problems with email accounts should contact Tech Support at 281.998.6137