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How can I find out the "Census date" for my class/classes?

The official census date varies according to the length of the course. Students who remain enrolled in the course on or after the official census date of the course will be awarded a grade on the transcript. Courses dropped prior to the census date for that course will not count in the six-drop limit since courses dropped prior to the census date are not awarded a grade of W or WL. The most common course lengths are listed below. For the census date for all other course lengths, please visit, or call the Contact Center at 281-998-6150.



3 week course                        2nd class day

5 or 6 week course                 4th class day

8 week course                        6th class day

16 week course                      12th class day


Note: The class day means the first day of the part of term, not the first day of your particular class.

College Registrar