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I have already attended another college but the system is telling me “mandatory orientation required”. How can I get it corrected?

This may happen when a transfer student indicates they are first-year students on their admissions application to San Jacinto College. Transfer students from other colleges are welcome to take orientation, but is not mandatory. If you have Mandatory Orientation hold on your account but you are not a first-year college student, once we have an official college transcript on file, you must contact Orientation & Campus Tours to have the hold updated.

Please Note: If you have earned more than 12 college credit hours, orientation will not be required. This is the only way it can be waived. We will need your official transcript on file to waive the orientation requirement, if you have an orientation hold on your account.

If you have not earned more than 12 college credit hours, you will need to log into your SOS to register for orientation. We offer both day and night orientation sessions.

***Dual credit students just completing the dual enrollment program at San Jac will be required to complete New Student Orientation as a first-time in college freshman.

You may contact the Orientation & Campus Tours Office at the campus you will be attending for additional questions:

Central Campus Orientation:

North Campus Orientation:

South Campus Orientation:

Orientation & Campus Tours