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University of Texas Medical Branch, Respiratory Care

Transfer to University of Texas Medical Branch, Respiratory Care

UTMB Health logoSan Jacinto College students pursuing a career in respiratory care may receive early acceptance to pursue a Bachelor of Science at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston Department of Respiratory Care.

To be admitted to the UTMB respiratory care program, students must be admitted to San Jac and begin the respiratory care program curriculum, and at the beginning of their second year complete a pre-entry interview with the faculty of the UTMB respiratory care program.  Students in the early acceptance program will be assigned an advisor at UTMB who will help with completing the UTMB admissions procedures.   

To enter the UTMB program, it is preferred that San Jac respiratory care students complete at San Jac the required respiratory care program curriculum and UTMB prerequisites.  However, students may be permitted to enroll in the UTMB program after completing the San Jac respiratory care curriculum but before completing UTMB prerequisites, if the student has successfully completed CHEM 1411, CHEM 1412, PHYS 1401, BIOL 2420, and MDCA 1313.  In either situation, students must: 

  • earn a grade of C or better in all required San Jac respiratory care and prerequisite courses;
  • achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or greater for (a) all respiratory care courses and (b) all required science courses; 
  • successfully complete the NBRC Entry Level CRT exam;
  • receive a positive recommendation by the UTMB respiratory care program admissions committee, and
  • have a record of ethical behavior during enrollment at sanjac.

Following successful completion of the combined four-year curriculum at San Jac and UTMB, and successful completion of the NBRC Registry Credential, students will be granted a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care from UTMB. 

Students who do not fulfill the requirements of the early acceptance program are not precluded from applying to the UTMB respiratory care program through the usual admissions process.

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