Food Pantry

San Jacinto College Food Pantry

About the Pantry

The San Jacinto Food pantry was established in Fall 2013 as a student run food assistance program that distributes food products to any enrolled SJC student in need.  The Food Pantry is committed to serving the student body of all San Jacinto College students.

Hours of Operation

There are two distribution dates scheduled per month on each campus.

Summer 2019 Dates

Central Campus:   May 16 & 30; June 13 & 27; July 11 & 25; August 8 (1-3 pm; C14.100)

North Campus:     May 16 & 30; June 13 & 27; July 11 & 25; August 8  ( 1-3 pm; N12.101)

South Campus:     May 16 & 30; June 13 & 27; July 11 & 25; August 8   ( 1 - 3 pm; S11.115)

Maritime Campus:  May 16 & 30; June 13 & 27; July 11 & 25; August 8   

Apply for assistance in person at the Student Engagement & Activities Office, Educational Planning Counseling & Completion Center, or by dropping off a completed form at the Food Pantry drop box. You can also use the online form.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Office of Student Engagement & Activities.


Printable PDF Food Request Form

Online Food Request Form

You may request food by applying in person during regular office hours at the Student Engagement & Activities office, Admissions or Educational Planning Counseling and Completion Center.  For expedited service, however, please fill out the forms online and submit them at the Student Engagement & Activities Office or the Educational Planning Counseling and Completion Center or by using the drop box at the Food Pantry.

How to apply using the PDF form:

1 Click on the Form

2 Fill in the information

3 Save the PDF File to your computer

4 Email the PDF as an attachment to:

North Campus:

Central Campus: 

South Campus: 

Maritime Campus:



Food Donations

If you have a small donation simply bring the items to the Student Life Office during 8AM-5PM Monday thru Friday.

For larger donations please contact your Student Engagement & Activities Office to arrange a drop off time.

If your organization is interested in hosting a canned food drive to benefit the Food Pantry, please contact your Student Engagement & Activities Office.

Currently our Most Needed Items are:

Canned Vegetables

         Beans, Green Beans, Peas, Corn, Carrots 

Canned Fruits

         Fruit cups, cans of fruit in light syrup, jelly, raisins

Pasta & Grains

          Pasta*, Rice (small & large bag)*, Macaroni & Cheese*, Instant Potatoes*, cans of ravioli*, boxed meals*, crackers, spaghetti o’s


          Cans of tuna / salmon*, cans of chicken*, cans of stew, cans of chili, pork and beans, peanut butter*, spaghetti sauce*, soups


         Boxes of cereal*, instant oatmeal & grits*, pop tarts, granola / cereal bars, syrup, pancake mix (add water only)