Having the ability to manifest the unseen into a work of art truly is a gift. If you dwell in the creative sphere, it’s possible a career in art is your calling. Whether it’s painting, pottery, mixed media or photography, San Jacinto College will set you up for success in an immensely rewarding profession.

Not only will studying art introduce you to the fine arts, you may discover you’re best suited for commercial work as a graphic designer, computer imaging expert, illustrator or animator.

At San Jacinto College, we’re proud of our award-winning instructors, and visual studios, which are outfitted with state-of-the-art computer labs. As a student, we’ll help you develop new skills and express your creativity in ways you never imagined was possible – until now.

Graphic design is a coveted skill in the mass communication field. With rapid changes in digital media and the ever-evolving advertising landscape, obtaining a degree from San Jacinto College will help launch your career.

Our degree gives you the background and training you'll need to specialize in certain areas, such as advertising or media. You’ll gain the tools and experience you need in order to prove you’re a highly desirable candidate for potential employers. Additionally, you’ll leave our program with an impressive portfolio showcasing your best work.

Modern day marketing communication pros rely on skilled designers to create compelling campaigns that resonate with consumers. There are a variety of paths to pursue, and we’ll help you determine the one that best matches your talents.