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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Minute Maid Park - 2pm

The Order of Commencement

  • Graduates are formed in two lines, led by the Graduate Marshals.
  • Lines are alphabetical by certificate or degree, we ask that you stay in order.


  • The two lines of candidates, led by their graduate marshals. Graduate Marshals will stop at the front row of seats and will direct you to your seat. Graduates will remain standing.
  • Commencement programs are placed in the cup holder in front of your seat.  Please do not remove them until you are seated.
  • Remain standing through the invocation and the Chancellor signals for you to sit.
  • During the ceremony, you will be directed when to stand and sit, please listen for cues.
  • All candidates are expected to remain on the center floor for the entire ceremony. Please show respect to your fellow classmates and don’t leave prior to the closing of the ceremony.


  • The Stage Party will exit first, then Faculty will form two receiving lines.
  • The student marshals will signal you when it time for your row to exit.
  • Students will be led out of the building by the student marshal.