Educational Planning FAQs

Educational Planning FAQs

If you are applying for the Summer or Fall semester, you should start the process during March/April. If you are applying for the Spring semester, you should start the process during September/October.  Visit the SJC homepage and click on “Apply Now” to create your San Jac Connect account and be directed to the application.  It will take approximately 3-5 business days to process an application.  Once processed, you will receive an email with your status and next steps.  Please refer to the Steps for Enrollment as a guide. You may take classes at any of the three San Jacinto College campuses.  Be advised that some programs are only located on a specific campus, and may have additional requirements such as: information sessions, prerequisite classes, application, etc.

If you applied for a semester, but never attended or applied for the wrong semester, you will need to submit an updated application for the correct term.  This process can be done under “My Applications” in your Apply Texas account by selecting “copy” next to your previous application and resubmitting for the correct term.

Yes, anyone wanting to take classes at San Jacinto College will need to complete a free application.  You will need to submit official transcripts to verify college level readiness and course prerequisites.

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires that incoming students, unless exempt, be assessed for college readiness in reading, writing, and mathematics.  Before you can take the test you must complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) online, print the completion letter, and bring it to the Admissions Office or Educational Planning, Counseling & Completion office to receive a testing form.  Please check with either of these offices to verify if testing is needed. There is no charge for the initial placement test. This is not a pass or fail test, it is an assessment of your skill level.

There is a $30 charge each time you retake the test. If you took the TSIA, COMPASS, THEA, ASSET, SAT (5 years from the testing date), ACT (5 years from the testing date), or ACCUPLACER at another institution, you may submit those scores to us.

This is not a pass or fail test, it is an assessment of your skill level. 

There is no charge for the initial placement test. 

You are only able to test in the SJC Testing Center if you are going to enroll as a student at SJC.

If this will be your first time to attend college, you will be required to attend Orientation by registering on-line in your SOS account.

The Six-Drop Limit applies to students who enrolled as a first-time-in-college (FTIC) student from fall 2007 and thereafter. This limits the total number of drops to six. These six include all drops from all Texas public colleges or universities.

You can add and drop classes in your SOS account.

If you are receiving a registration error, contact the Educational Planning, Counseling & Completion Office for assistance.

You should register for classes as soon as registration begins, please see the Academic calendar for specific dates. If you are receiving errors while attempting to register for classes, please contact the Educational Planning, Counseling & Completion Office as soon as possible.

You are strongly encouraged to see an Educational Planner for course selection. 

Suspended students must sit out one long term (fall, spring or the entire summer session). After the student has sat out the suspension period, he or she must request re-admission and obtain advising with the Educational Planning, Counseling and Completion office before being eligible to enroll again.  Students placed on academic suspension will be notified by mail or email that they have been suspended. Students may appeal their suspension under extenuating circumstances.

Request for appeal suspension forms are available in the Educational Planning, Counseling and Completion office on each campus.