New certificate, degree programs rolling out this fall

Crane Repair

San Jacinto College is rolling out new programs to meet the needs of the growing workforce in Houston and along the Gulf Coast.

New programs and certificates/degrees include…

1. Autonomous vehicle repair (certificate)

Students will learn how to service and manage autonomous vehicles. They will study the industry standard and Automotive Service Excellence, which will make them eligible for employment and a desired candidate at any automotive facility.

Biotechnician working in lab
2. Biomanufacturing (certificate and associate degree)

Students will get real-world experience in a pilot-scale bioprocessing center that includes upstream, downstream, and fill-finish training. The curriculum will also include cell and gene therapy and other innovative, developing industry sectors. Students will have immediate transferable skills on cutting-edge equipment used in today’s most advanced biomanufacturing operations.

3. Engineering technology (associate degree)

Students will develop the theoretical and practical understanding of the safety, processes, systems, tools, and techniques necessary to construct, refine, operate, and maintain an engineering design. Engineering technicians apply basic engineering principles and technical skills to support engineers engaged in various projects.

4. Heavy diesel equipment and crane repair (certificate and associate degree)

The heavy diesel equipment/crane technician program will expose students to diesel engine components and hydraulics. Students will also take electrical classes to gain experience maintaining and repairing the entire piece of equipment.

5. Medical laboratory technician (certificate)

In this program, students will train to enter the workforce proficient at specimen collection and processing. They will also learn how to report lab data and perform minimal complexity testing in a health care setting. Additionally, they will gain experience working in conjunction with other health care disciplines.

6. Plumbing (certificate)

Students will learn how to identify the different types of water supply systems, read and sketch blueprints, understand plumbing codes, install and maintain plumbing piping and fixtures, and work with a variety of tools and equipment.

7. Bachelor of Applied Science in education

The College will also launch its second bachelor's degree, a Bachelor of Applied Science in education with an emphasis on early childhood (pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges). This degree, which will focus on early childhood through third grade, is ideal for current para-educators.

Most of the new programs will be available beginning fall 2023. The bachelor’s degree will roll out in spring 2024, and the biomanufacturing program likely sometime in 2024. With these new programs, students will have the opportunity to gain the skills to enter the evolving job market with confidence.

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