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Strategic Plan

With our mission centered around student success and providing  high-quality education for students from all walks of life, a strategic plan is essential for San Jacinto College. Discover how San Jac’s core values, priorities, and goals contribute to our strategic plan and help our students reach academic and career success.

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Read the Plan

Our 2019-2024 Strategic Plan is a document we refer to and update on a regular basis. Find the latest version of the plan in PDF form to read from top to bottom.

What Drives Us

Yearly Objectives

Every year, we focus on specific priorities to create the best educational environment possible. Find out what we’re working on this year.

Long-Term Vision

At San Jac, we believe that a student’s success is our success. Explore how our vision, mission, and values help students achieve their personal, academic, and career dreams.

One Plan. Five Goals.

Take a look at San Jac’s goals and the strategies we’re implementing to achieve them.

San Jacinto College holds student success as its foundational goal that informs and guides all aspects of the institution. Our credit and non-credit instructional programs maintain high standards and ensure currency in career and transfer programs that allow students to explore, define, and achieve their goals. We are dedicated to creating a learning environment that provides intentional and comprehensive support services and resources, innovative teaching strategies and delivery methods, and affordable course materials. Our faculty, staff, and administrators are dedicated to the goal of student success: serving every student in a learning environment dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and excellence. 

  • Strategy 1: Establish defined pathways to the credentials needed for high-paying, entry-level careers. 
  • Strategy 2: Establish Associate degree transfer pathways that ensure courses apply toward completion of Bachelor’s degrees. 
  • Strategy 3: Provide a rigorous teaching and learning environment that challenges and supports students through a curriculum that respects the differences and varied perspectives of all backgrounds. 
  • Strategy 4: Provide support services and seamless processes and systems from entry to completion through a compelling array of services and personalized academic and career planning.
  • Strategy 5: Continue developing programs and processes that reduce time to completion and lower the costs of course materials. 
  • Strategy 6: End internal and external barriers that prevent students from entering college and achieving their educational goals.

San Jacinto College will advance area economic prosperity by serving as the hub for local and regional workforce development initiatives. By collaborating with business and industry, we will anticipate, create, and deliver superior experiential training that upskills and equips our region with an agile and adaptable workforce. It is our goal to ensure that each student enters the workforce with the competencies, knowledge, and experience needed for career advancement that supports continuous industry innovation.

  • Strategy 1: Ensure workforce certification and training are leading-edge, meet the current and future needs of local and regional businesses and industries, and support students in achieving employment and career advancement.
  • Strategy 2: Optimize the membership and expand the charge of program advisory committees and industry sector advisory councils. These actions will provide strategic leadership at the CEO and senior management level and leadership at the practitioner and operations level.
  • Strategy 3: Collaborate with industries to create nationally recognized Centers of Innovation and Training that support specific industry development and workforce needs.
  • Strategy 4: Work with regional economic development organizations to advance workforce training, programs, and initiatives.
  • Strategy 5: Develop stackable industry certification courses that complement various professional and workforce needs. Also, offer students industry certifications to enhance credit pathways. 
  • Strategy 6: Expand internship and apprenticeship programs that deliver the experience students need for employment and career advancement. Also, develop innovative internships where part-time credit and non-credit students can take part.

San Jacinto College is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining employees who are passionate about our educational mission. To serve the needs of our communities, the College requires highly effective performance, achievement, and teamwork. Our commitment to professional development and learning is supported by a partnership with employees to advance knowledge, creativity, and capabilities. All employees are responsible for their commitment to excellence through a system that clearly defines expectations, responsibilities, accomplishments, and rewards. 

  • Strategy 1: Attract and retain employees that promote a culture of belonging and excellence, creating a work environment that nurtures and develops employees of all backgrounds.
  • Strategy 2: Advance the organizational culture through a change management strategic model, readiness, high team and individual performance, and improved effectiveness.
  • Strategy 3: Cultivate organizational agility to ensure innovation in higher education.
  • Strategy 4: Create a strong learning and development environment that expands knowledge, skills, and abilities for long-term strategic alignment, continuity planning, and opportunities for succession.
  • Strategy 5: Build effective teams that deliver innovative solutions through diverse experiences and contributions.
  • Strategy 6: Identify and develop high-potential employees to grow and sustain the talent pipeline in essential technical, professional, leadership, and executive positions.

San Jacinto College consistently pursues transparent, agile, efficient, and effective operational practices and maintains standards that promote and encourage excellence throughout the College’s operations. Evaluation of current practices is encouraged, new ideas are heard and considered, and all decisions are made in the best interests of our students. Continuous improvement is required to address the College’s current and future challenges and to facilitate ongoing initiatives.

  • Strategy 1: Optimize the use of College resources to fund and help strategic initiatives while maintaining fiscal viability and sustainability.
  • Strategy 2: Base daily decision-making on those items that encourage and advance the student success agenda.
  • Strategy 3: Remove barriers that hinder forward movement for students, employees, and external partnerships.
  • Strategy 4: Operate San Jac to bolster its image and maintain public trust.
  • Strategy 5: Focus on and address current needs while envisioning and coordinating requirements for the future.

San Jacinto College engages in partnerships with educational institutions, community groups, nonprofit organizations, governmental entities, businesses, and industries. By leveraging these partnerships, the College will reach all segments of our communities to provide educational opportunities. Through collaboration, we expand our capacity to meet the needs of our students and partners. 

  • Strategy 1: Strengthen work with school districts, other community colleges, and universities to expedite successful completion, transfer, and entry into the workforce.
  • Strategy 2: Create strategies that reach new student populations.
  • Strategy 3: Develop partnerships that help the College provide services that promote accessible opportunities and fair outcomes.
  • Strategy 4: Advance partnerships that further economic development efforts in the region.
  • Strategy 5: Identify external funding opportunities that support initiatives that benefit San Jac, the community, and the local economy.
  • Strategy 6: Offer students activities, events, and opportunities that further their education and personal development. These new experiences will expand their understanding of belonging and excellence.

Our Foundational Beliefs

Underlying our strategic plan are four assumptions that we hold true as an institution.
  1. Access, Belonging, and Excellence

    The College strives to achieve access for our students and community. Access calls for a learning culture in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. We serve the populations in our community by providing quality education that fosters a sense of belonging and excellence, and that advances our students from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. In our decisions, we ask the question: “How does this affect access and opportunity for our students and our community?” 

  2. Collaborative Communication

    The College will foster open, transparent, and collaborative communication across the College that will support the mission, vision, and strategic initiatives of the College. Effective and active communication is the responsibility of each employee.

  3. Continuous Improvement

    The College will ensure that students have the opportunity to complete their educational goals through continuously improving processes, systems, and programs. The College will constantly adapt to remove barriers and create efficiencies to manage opportunities and challenges.

  4. Continue One-College Alignment

    The College operates as a single entity. As such, the College’s campuses, centers, programs, and services demonstrate unity of purpose, standards, and beliefs. All areas and departments of the College are expected to work in a collaborative manner by focusing on providing students with a consistent, quality experience across the entire College. Common policies, procedures, and practices will guide the College as it implements the Strategic Plan. 

Have Questions?

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