San Jacinto College partners with OpenFortune to drive enrollment

Apr 19, 2023Amanda Fenwick
Fortune Cookie

Potential students have the opportunity to start the registration process in their fortune cookies

PASADENA, Texas — San Jacinto College has become the first Texas school for higher learning to partner with OpenFortune, one of the fastest growing media platforms that delivers creative advertising via fortune cookies at 47,000 restaurants across the U.S.

OpenFortune is working with San Jacinto College to inspire prospective students during its open enrollment period by placing fortune cookies in restaurants and delivery bags throughout the region, featuring fortunes that motivate the pursuit of higher education.

Along with traditional lucky numbers, fortunes within the cookies will include encouraging messages such as:

  • It's time for you to pursue your passions.
  • Stay focused on your purpose, and success will follow.
  • Keep learning, growing, and improving every day

The campaign provides the opportunity for tens of thousands of restaurant-goers and those ordering Asian food delivery across the Houston area to receive uplifting fortunes on the front of their slip, while the back features a QR code that delivers information on San Jacinto College's education offerings when scanned.

"We are excited to partner with OpenFortune to help drive enrollment and awareness of San Jacinto College," said San Jacinto College deputy chancellor and College president Dr. Laurel Williamson. "We have a robust marketing and outreach strategy that attracts students from throughout our district and beyond, and this fortune cookie advertising campaign is a forward-thinking and out-of-the-box approach to help reach potential students. We appreciate the collaboration with OpenFortune and look forward to analyzing the campaign results."

People often discuss important life decisions around a meal or at the dinner table. Through OpenFortune, San Jacinto College will engage people at a moment when they are looking for inspiration and already thinking about what's next in their journey.

"At OpenFortune we believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, which is exactly what San Jacinto College is providing to students," said Matt Williams, co-founder and chief cookie officer of OpenFortune. "This partnership is so impactful because we are able to motivate these prospective students in such an engaging and unique way."

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About OpenFortune

OpenFortune is a media platform that connects brands to consumers at scale — via fortune cookies. Our clients' branded fortune cookies are distributed to over 47,000 restaurants and delivery platforms nationwide. Through our mass distribution network and sophisticated targeting capabilities, OpenFortune reaches the hands, hearts, and minds of up to 135 million consumers every month. Optimism, creativity, and tradition are at OpenFortune's core.

About San Jacinto College

Surrounded by monuments of history, evolving industries, maritime enterprises of today, and the space age of tomorrow, San Jacinto College has served the people of East Harris County, Texas, since 1961. The College is one of the top five community colleges in the nation as designated by the Aspen Institute, and was named an Achieving the Dream Leader College of Distinction in 2020. The College is a Hispanic-Serving Institution that spans five campuses, serving approximately 41,000 credit and non-credit students annually. It offers more than 200 degrees and certificates across eight major areas of study that put students on a path to transfer to four-year institutions or enter the workforce. The College is fiscally sound, holding bond ratings of AA and Aa2 by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s.

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