Want to further your education? San Jacinto College provides an opportunity for people to obtain their goals and improve their value in the workplace.

Our programs provide opportunities for you to gain confidence in yourself and your learning so you can apply that to your education or role in the workforce.
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If you're looking for a little something "extra" to supplement your ESL classes, venture into our English program. This program houses our Conversational English course, designed to be a fun, high energy class for students who want a little more help with their ESL journey. Essential listening and speaking skills will be addressed, assisting students in improving their overall communication skills in English.
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English Communication Skills

Dedicated to students whose primary language is something other than English, our English Communication Skills program ranges with courses all the way from ESL - Beginning A to ESL - Advanced B. We make it our duty to advance your English speaking and writing skills, preparing you for the workforce or college credit classes.
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Whether you're wanting to learn French so you're ready for your trip Paris or you need better Spanish-speaking skills to communicate with a staff member, our Languages Program will help you become more confident in your abilities to communicate. Offering, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, ESL, and even ASL, San Jac is sure to develop your skills.
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Test Preparation

Great news: It's never too late to achieve your academic goals! We provide opportunities for you to get ready for the GED, take the test, and continue your education journey. Our GED Prep courses are designed to help you learn the material you’ll need to know for the test. We also cover test-taking tips, practice, and getting comfortable with the test itself. 

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Visit one of our convenient locations at the following campuses to register.

Central Campus: Interactive Learning Center,
Room C-1.128, 8060 Spencer Hwy., Pasadena

North Campus: Slovacek Student Center Building,
Room N-12.212, 5800 Uvalde Road, Houston

South Campus: Administration Bldg., Room S-8.1403,
13735 Beamer Road, Houston


Register for your course online. Each course schedule will only show available classes in that instructional area. Begin the registration process by selecting the course schedule that interests you.

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Download and complete this registration form, then fax or email it at any time. We process forms during normal business hours. For students under 18 years of age, please complete the Parent Waiver Form.


Central Campus
Fax: 281-476-1833

North Campus
Fax: 281-459-7196

South Campus
Fax: 281-922-3422


Call 281-542-2020 to register by phone.
Please have your personal information, as well as the course you'd like to take, ready when you call.

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For inquiries or additional information on our programs:
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