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Jul 6, 2022Neesha Hosein
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Nikita Morrow

These days, just about anything can be delivered to your doorstep, even a massage. Can't seem to make time for a commute to relax those tense muscles? One San Jacinto College alumna might be able to help.

Nikita Morrow graduated from the massage therapy program at the South Campus in spring 2021. Since then, Morrow has launched Touch of Honey, a mobile massage business that serves Houston-area residents.

Before a session, clients fill out an intake form that details medical history and other important information like allergies, physical restrictions, and skin sensitivities. She uses hypoallergenic products.

Her Nissan Moreno currently serves as her mobile office, accommodating her equipment perfectly in its trunk. After she arrives, it takes 20-30 minutes to get set up, and she uses playlists, including genres like jazz, R&B, classical, nature sounds, and country. She plans to incorporate aromatherapy in the future.

Winning at school

"My experience [at San Jac] was rather interesting, considering I began the program during the height of the pandemic as well as the winter storm," Morrow said. "The courses were more hybrid and a little fast-paced, but thanks to the instructors, we learned a lot in a short period of time."

Among her fondest memories are the connections she made with classmates and instructors. She credits one peer-turned-friend with helping her succeed.

"Cynetre [Williams] is amazing. Let's just start there," Morrow said. "We instantly connected and realized that we have one common goal: to win. Our study habits helped each other push through the hard times at school, and even after graduation, we didn't give up on each other. We met up for study sessions, made flash cards, and quizzed each other as we prepared for our licensing exam."

The two friends have continued to support each other as they navigate life as new therapists and business owners.

Creating Zen

In her mobile business, Morrow focuses on minimizing clients' physical discomforts.

"Touch of Honey is all about knowing your client and their needs," she said. "I believe that is what makes my company stand out. The goal is to create a Zen environment and experience while providing a massage that is calming and relaxing."

Morrow has learned a lot in her short time as a business owner, namely that making mistakes while learning and growing is part of the process and becomes a good learning experience.

Touch of Honey offers visits to residential and business locations. Morrow provides a full-size massage table and requires a clean, clear space that allows her to move around as needed. Her clients have been an eclectic mix.

"I've worked with people who have physically and mentally demanding jobs, like military personnel, police officers, nurses, lawyers, and clients in transportation," she said. "I've done a few birthdays, couple's sessions, and people just wanting to relax."

Caring for self and others

With a career serving others, Morrow has learned to take time for herself.

"I love being with my family and friends, so any chance I get to do that, I jump at it," she said.

She enjoys going to the movies or doing outdoor activities like swimming, rock climbing, nature walks, and beaches. Cooking and traveling are other favorites that she doesn't get to do often.

Work inspiration

Morrow's inspiration comes from her love of helping people, and the art of massage provides an opportunity to do just that.

"I enjoy helping people and minimizing stress and discomfort," Morrow said. "Being able to be present for someone makes me feel better."

Morrow's best advice for students is to "study and ask questions." She believes everyone experiences roadblocks in life that will make school seem challenging, but reaching the finish line is possible if you "just keep going."

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