iConnect Centers bridge gap, offer safe space to students

Jan 3, 2022Melissa Trevizo
iConnect Center
iConnect Center

At San Jacinto College, student success is the top priority. Faculty and staff help remove barriers that make it difficult for students to attend classes, focus, and thrive.

One outlet that helps eliminate these barriers is the campus iConnect Centers managed by resource and inclusion specialists.

Specialists D'Ante Richardson-Jones, Imelda Rodriguez, and Joshua Shankle answer some frequently asked questions.

Q: What are the iConnect Centers?

Rodriguez: The iConnect Centers are unique spaces that welcome students to study, meet with faculty and study groups, or enjoy camaraderie with the College community. We act as a bridge to everything offered by student services. It is a safe space with safe people.

Q: What services do they provide?

Shankle: The iConnect Centers offer computer access, limited free printing, special programs, free school supplies, and student success workshops throughout the school year. We also have free hygiene products, access to bus passes, free snacks, and charging stations.

Q: Who can use these centers?

Richardson-Jones: Each currently enrolled student has access to the iConnect Center. We serve all students across all spectrums. Our goal is to help you succeed in any way we can.

Q: What if I'm embarrassed to ask for help?

Shankle: We never want anyone to feel ashamed or lost because they have a need. Our "take care" boxes are placed in discreet areas within the center for students to take what they need without being watched. We become familiar with the faces we see and establish understanding and trust so students feel comfortable expressing their needs.

Q: Who are the resource and inclusion specialists?

Rodriguez: We are professionals who provide academic support services to students. We serve as a resource to students who come by the iConnectCenters to help them navigate the college experience, and we host student-focused equity chats to discuss issues important to students. We establish an understanding that we are safe, you can trust us with your need, and we will meet your needs to the best of our ability.

Q: Do the centers take donations?

Richardson-Jones: Yes, the iConnect Centers collect donations of hygiene products, school supplies, backpacks, and snacks.

Q: How do I learn more about these centers?

Shankle: You can stop by any of the centers and speak with a specialist or email us at iConnectCtr.Central@sjcd.edu, iConnectCtr.North@sjcd.edu, or iConnectCtr.South@sjcd.edu.

Visit the iConnect Centers:

  • Central Campus: C3.141 (Administration Building)
  • South Campus: S8.1022 (Academic Hall)
  • North Campus: N8.146 (Spencer Building)