Promise Scholarship Q&A: What you need to know

Nov 9, 2022Melissa Trevizo
San Jacinto College Graduate

The Promise @ San Jac Scholarship is a last-dollar scholarship that covers up to three years of tuition, books, and supplies at San Jacinto College for in-district high school graduates.

Roberto Mendez, Promise coordinator, offers insight into the scholarship and important things to remember when making the pledge.

Q: Who is eligible for the Promise @ San Jac Scholarship?

A: Promise is for students who live in San Jac's taxing district at the time of high school graduation. To find detailed information on requirements and maintaining eligibility, visit the Promise Scholarship Requirements webpage.

Q: What is a last-dollar scholarship?

A: It covers the gap that financial aid, other scholarships, and grants do not. If a student receives financial aid, other scholarships, or grants but they are not enough, Promise will cover the remaining balance. If the student doesn't qualify for any other assistance, Promise will cover the full in-district tuition.

Q: How long will the scholarship provide financial support?

A: Promise will cover students for up to three years or until they earn their first associate degree or reach 72 college credit hours, whichever comes first.

Q: Is there a limit to books and supplies covered by the scholarship?

A: Yes. Promise covers up to $600 in books and supplies per semester.

Q: How do students use their Promise money to buy books?

A: Promise will cover books from the San Jac bookstore only. Students must bring a photo ID, show their class schedule, and let the staff know they are using the Promise @ San Jac Scholarship to purchase books.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of credit hours a student can take in a semester?

A: Promise does make an exception to the full-time (12 hours) requirement but only if you are in your last semester and require less than a full-time load to graduate. The maximum number of credit hours placed by the institution is 18 for fall and spring and 14 for summer. Promise Scholars are held to this same restriction.

Q: What if a student fails or drops a class?

A: To keep eligibility, Promise Scholars must maintain a 75% pass rate. Before deciding to drop a class or if they are having difficulty in a class, they should speak to an educational planner.

Q: Can Promise Scholars take classes online or attend multiple campuses?

A: Yes, they can! San Jac has five locations, but we are one College. Promise covers all instructional methods, including face-to-face, online on a schedule, and online anytime.

Q: Does the scholarship cover winter and summer minis or part-of-term courses, like eight-week terms?

A: Yes, we do. We look at the credit hours enrolled per semester, not by part of term. Summer terms are optional, but if students are taking them, they must be enrolled in at least six credit hours.

Q: Why should eligible students make the Promise pledge?

A: Completing the steps to become a Promise Scholar helps students relieve the financial burden on their families and creates a pathway for students where college is attainable for everyone. A debt-free education allows the scholars to focus on their studies without stressing about the bottom line.

To learn even more about the Promise @ San Jac Scholarship, visit

Become a Promise Scholar

  1. By Feb. 16, 2023, complete the online Promise pledge and apply to San Jac through
  2. By April 20, 2023, submit a FAFSA or TASFA to be eligible for financial aid.
  3. By July 13, 2023, enroll and register for full-time classes at San Jac:
    • Complete all enrollment steps, including any financial aid verification, and register for classes.
    • Fall 2023 registration for all students opens April 17.
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