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Mar 10, 2022Courtney Morris

Bianca Compean imagined San Jacinto College in her future. She just wasn't sure whether she would need four years to finish a two-year degree.

Bianca Compean

Like many of her peers, the South Houston High School senior had one question: How could she pay for college without going into debt?

The solution seemed to be part-time classes until advisors at her high school shared the news. The Promise @ San Jac Scholarship would cover her tuition and books for up to three years. No debt, no sweat.

Compean jumped at this opportunity. The youngest of three, she comes from a warm, loving family. She enjoys casting a fishing rod with her dad, simmering marinara sauce for family spaghetti dinners, and playing "Friends" Monopoly when her brothers and sister-in-law visit. What her supportive family couldn't provide was funding for college.

Thanks to Promise @ San Jac, Compean started at San Jac in fall 2020 and is reaching her goals faster as a full-time student.

The scholarship also opened an unexpected door. With most basics out of the way, Compean is eyeing the diagnostic medical sonography program because of her own experience with a pre-surgery ultrasound years ago. She looks forward to quality medical training at no cost.

"I wanted to be a sonographer at heart," she said. "After graduating from San Jac, I am hoping to get hired on in the medical field."

The last-dollar Promise @ San Jac Scholarship covers 100% of tuition and books after federal and state aid, grants, and other scholarships. Not only does the scholarship promise no student debt, but a certificate or degree offers better career opportunities and income potential than a high school diploma alone.

Compean did not want to miss out on college, especially with up to three years of paid-for education and a Promise success coach for priority registration and one-on-one help.

"The coaches are there to reassure you that you are on the path for your degree plan and answer any questions you have during your college journey," she said.

Since money is no object, Compean can laser-focus on her classes and achieve her dreams debt-free. That's a promise.

"An opportunity like this comes around once in a lifetime," she said.

Support students like Bianca

Since 2020, the Promise @ San Jac Scholarship has changed students' lives through the power of debt-free degrees. Providing this opportunity for every high school grad in our taxing district is a Texas-sized goal. You can help us reach it.

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