Q&A with student Rebecca Parker: grandmother, business owner, and self-proclaimed workaholic

Oct 7, 2022Melissa Trevizo
Rebecca Parker

As San Jacinto College expands its online certificate and degree programs, many students are already taking advantage of the current selection. One of these students, Beaumont resident Rebecca Parker, is returning to college to reskill with a second degree in entrepreneurship/business after a successful career in the nonprofit world.

Q: What brought you to San Jac?

A: My daughter bought a food delivery service and asked for my help. Although I had computer knowledge, there was so much I did not know about running my own business. My husband suggested I go back to school. San Jac had all the classes I needed for a certificate and a degree available online. It was perfect for me.

Q: Why pursue the business management entrepreneurship program?

A: When I was looking at going back to school, I wanted to find classes that would help me run our business more effectively. The entrepreneurship certificate had a wide range of classes that covered all the basics of owning your own business. So far, I have benefited from every class and incorporated skills directly back into the business.

Q: Your daughter bought Gubers of Southeast Texas in July 2019, and you became a partner that October. What's it like being a new business owner and student?

A: At first it was incredibly scary, and although I always wanted to work for myself, it was intimidating. Owning a business consumes your life, and there are zero days off. I have to be dedicated to both and manage my time well. Thankfully, I love what I do.

Q: What's next for your business?

A: We want to continue to grow and be the best and only restaurant delivery service in Southeast Texas. The more I learn about how the big corporate companies treat our local mom-and-pop restaurants, the more I wanted to chase them out of this little corner. Beaumont is small and strongly supports local. Our business model is set up to support those businesses.

Q: Do you plan to slow down anytime soon?

A: I'm a little bit of a workaholic. How can I not be? I am blessed to wake up every day and do something I love and with one of my kids. It's a great feeling. I keep threatening to retire in nine years, but no one believes me.

Q: You have three children and eight grandchildren. What does your family think about your return to school?

A: I have always told my kids and grandchildren about the importance of education. They have heard the words come out of my mouth a million times. Now they are seeing me back in school. My grandkids find it hilarious that their "Nina" has homework just like them. Children may forget the words you say, but they never forget your actions. If I am not here by the time they reach college, I want them to remember that they can do it just like I did.

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