Support groups connect, encourage students

Jun 6, 2022Courtney Morris
Support group

Connected students are successful students. San Jacinto College students are finding a safe space to share their journeys, thanks to newly launched mental health support groups.

In spring 2022, mental health counselors College-wide guided discussion and lent an ear during six-week in-person and online support groups.

"We recognized the importance of students sharing their stories with other students in a safe environment," said Tanesha Antoine, dean of student support services. "Many students feel alone and isolated, but support groups offer them a way to connect and share their thoughts, ideas, and struggles."

The groups met once a week for about an hour in Central, North, and South Campus student engagement and activities game rooms. Online groups followed the same format but allowed students to join from anywhere via Zoom.

Based on student and staff feedback, topics included...

  • Adapting to college
  • Finding balance
  • Handling stress/anxiety
  • Dealing with depression
  • Embracing campus diversity/inclusivity
  • Building healthy relationships

Students could attend any or all sessions.

According to Antoine, students not only welcomed the groups but shared more ideas to shape the next round of options.

"By providing our students with these support groups, it's another way to address their concerns or mental health needs in a supportive environment," she said. "Group therapy not only provides a source of additional support but can also build social skills and help individuals learn more about themselves."

The groups are open to any enrolled student 18 or older and will continue in fall 2022. The only other requirement to join a support group? Show up.

Need a listening ear?

Are you a currently enrolled San Jac student looking for support during a challenging season? Join a safe online or in-person support group. For more information, contact:

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